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Trampa Vertigo Truck

The TRAMPA VERTIGO TRUCK is a slimmed down light weight version of the Stadard infinity Truck! Using FORGED Alloy for the body of the HANGER it is CNC precision machined, cutting out the bulk of the material, saving loads of weight, but without altering much of its critical strength. To save more weight, the VERTIGO hanger is fitted with 12mm HOLLOW axles. To retain strength the Hollow axles are made from premium quality HEAT TREATED (HARDENED) STEEL which are screwed & glued into position. The Hanger is attached to a Vertigo Style Baseplate. It is made from T6 EXTRUDED Aluminium which has been T6 HEAT TREATED, Polished & Anodised! It is then sent to the CNC machine for it to cut out the bulk of the material, saving even more weight & leaving a Pimped out two tone twinkly appearance!

The Hanger & Baseplate "Kingpin Holes" are both CNC'd, ensuring the Truck assembles like a dream. NYLON BUSHINGS are squeezed into the Kingpin Hole's, supplying a wiggle-less top quality connection, eliminate wear between the moving metal parts. A Heat Treated 8mm STEEL KINGPIN (which seriously reduces weight over the competitions products), is usxed to connect the 2 integral parts together & allow the steering to happen... Everything fixes together perfectly enabling the VERTIGO TRUCKS to provide problem free precision riding!

SPRINGS, loaded with TRAMPA DAMPA's, are squeezed by hand into the fixing positions between the Hanger & Baseplate. When locked into position they give resistance to the steering. The steering resistance can be pre-set to your weight, riding ability & personal preference, by changing the TRAMPA DAMPA to a stiffer or softer hardness. TRAMPA DAMPA's come in 5 different hardness's to suit all riding styles. The Springs can be adjusted on the fly! Using a 4mm Allen Key you can further TUNE your steering by turning the SPRING ADJUSTER clockwise to give TIGHTER STEERING (fast riding) or turning anti-clockwise to give LOOSE STEERING (Carvie riding). You can quickly adjust your board relevant to the conditions or terrain ahead... As your riding will improve over time you will demand more pre-tension from your steering, so don't over tighten your springs, instead change your DAMPA's to something a little harder.

Held together using Marine Grade stainless steel, VERTIGO TRUCKS are the perfect option for all applications for adult sized intermediate riders. Save money & even more weight by upgrading the Kingpin to TITANIUM!

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