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Trampa Infinity Truck

The TRAMPA INFINITY truck is the strongest SPRING TRUCK in the product range! To ensure the maximum strenght possible the hanger is made from FORGED ALUMINUM & it's one solid piece! The INFINITY Hanger is fitted with 12mm SOLID STEEL Axles. The 12mm Solid Axles are HEAT TREATED. Heat treating steel makes it substantially stronger, more resistant to impact & less prone to rust. 12mm Solid Axles are without doubt the strongest Axles in the TRAMPA range. The Axles are first Glued & then Screwed with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Grub Screw locking them in the perfect position to mount your wheel too. The Hanger is connected to an EXTRUDED & T6 HEAT TREATED Aluminum BASEPLATE & as it's name suggests the INFINITY HS-11 TRUCK is designed to last forever!!

Super strong SOLID Forged Hanger - EDP Painted
12mm thick SOLID Steel Axles 16 Inches Wide
Super strong Solid INFINITY baseplate
Nikel plated Rust proof Kingpin
Nikel Plated SIlver Springs
Re-enforced Spring retainer - No Fiddly washers to fit!
Marine Grade Stainless Steel Fixings
Fits to - 35º Decks
Weight: 1,002g

Price: 95.0 CHF
Incl. 7.7 % TAX plus shipping
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