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Flame Dirtpipe

The DIRTPIPE is based on the "Hybrid" developed by Flame axis technology "

The Non plus Ultra in terms of running stability, traceability, precise Manageability, and perfect, passive rebound. This new and unique axle system designates Flame as the logical development of the classic skate axle, precisely tailored to the needs of the mountain board. With only about 820 grams, this axle is currently one of the lightest, if not the lightest pure mountainboard axle on the market worldwide. The individual parts are produced only with the best materials in European Quality standards are manufactured in Germany and assembled and packaged by us individually. The simple adjustment, easy handling, the perfect driving behavior, the low weight and the high stability make the DIRTPIPE TRUCKS the absolute benchmark of the Mountainboard high-end axles.

With different rubber blocks you can optimize your DIRTPIPES perfectly for downhill racing, freestyle, freeride or kitelandboarding as well as for freestyle kiting. The rubber blocks are available in 3 sizes!


Specifications: Width: 420 mm = 16.5 inch

Weight: 820g - 850g (Depending on rubber)

Height: 60 mm   Price per piece

Price: 140.0 CHF
Incl. 7.7 % TAX plus shipping
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