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MBS Matrix II Pro truck

Try to imagine a mountainboard truck system that is lighter, stronger, stealthier, and more stable than any that has come before it, including MBS’ original Matrix.  With that vision in mind, we proudly introduce the MBS Matrix II Pro, our most advanced channel truck system yet.  Whether you're an old school carver or new school rail slayer you will want to upgrade to this truck.  It's just... better.

One of the highlights of the new MBS Matrix II channel truck system are the high-rebound MBS “ShockBlocks” which  combine the performance of steel coil springs and eggshock dampeners into a single piece.  Thanks to our carefully formulated SpringThane PU material, MBS ShockBlocks deliver all the rebound you’d ever want from a spring and all the dampening you’d ever need from a shock while reducing the weight of your board by almost a half pound compared to the traditional spring / egg / tophat combo.  Combine that with the weight saved by hollowing out our 12mm CrMo axles and you have one seriously light channel truck. Other new features include a flat grinding profile, unbreakable composite top truck, and independent adjustment of toe/heel resistance which allows you to dial in your ride exactly the way you want it.  And all that is on top of the tried and true strength, performance, and precision for which MBS Channel trucks have become symbolic.

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